About us

The general market is full of basic properties products that are used without thinking. Sometime we want something different but cannot find it on the shelf. In early 2016 we’ve become bored and started thinking how to solve that problem.

Our products

Instead OF offers you goods which have absolutely extraordinary features than other products in the same category or the unique ones as well as educate customers about the value of this market that changes the perception of the category by itself.

So we are growing the community of customers, which know what they use in their daily life and why; and they always know where to find it.

Our main goal

Our main goal is to focus on goodies that bring an extraordinary experience and provide the best value to our community. A healthy lifestyle, new experiences, unknown tastes, the pleasure of eating – everything you find at Instead OF.


“White labeling” is one of the strongest side of Instead OF. We are cooperating with partners who create products that perfectly fit into Instead OF brand quality and are sold on the platform as well as created by us. So we always looking for creative, innovative and taking care of customers companies to collaborate.

Expert’s team

We ensure, every single product that goes out of Instead OF platform is tested and approved by the experts; and will be certified as the best ones in the world-class market soon.